About Miles Moneyball

About Miles Moneyball

What is Miles Moneyball?

Hi, this is Wei, founder of Miles Moneyball. Welcome to my page!

At Celeste Mountain Lounge near Tenorio National Park, Costa Rica. Ever since successfully booking my first family vacation to Singapore on United miles in 2013, I have become enthusiastic about award travel and repeated the feat a few times, all paid for by frequent flyer miles.

At MMB, I am going to share with you strategies and personal stories behind frugal travel using airline miles and credit card points, which are in many ways reminiscent of the unorthodox approach used by major league team Oakland Athletics in early 2000s in building a Division-winning team on budget, a story made famous later on by Michael Lewis’s book “Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game” as well as its namesake movie in 2011.

Think of MMB as a gaming system, where you accumulate miles and points at reasonable cost, similar to what Athletics did in drafting low cost prospects under the guidance of apt overlooked sabermetrics, and cash in those miles and points in award travel with little cash outlay. All right, it may not be as exciting as winning a division at major league baseball as storied in Moneyball. But to me, seeing the world on pennies is pretty close to that, and mixing in luxury in air travel brings along astounding fun and lasting memory!

Can this be done?

Before I answer that question, let me tell you a little bit about myself and my family.

I am a full time information technology professional and am an employee of a large IT service company for over ten years. Working out of my home office year round, I have not traveled on business in recent years. My wife works full time at a busy hospital with a rigid coverage schedule. Vacation is usually arranged months ahead and any travel planning needs to fit into her prescribed brackets. Throw in our school-aged younger son whose time off is predictably limited to school breaks that inevitably coincide with the rest of the country. As a family, we are low in vacation flexibility and poor at business travel perks. Can your situation be even worse?

So don’t be deterred by lack of business travel, or hundreds of thousands of dollars credit card spending for that matter – I did not create MMB for the lucky few who are in a position to spend your way to a huge pile of miles or elite airline status, nor should you be discouraged simply because your travel dates are inflexible. On the contrary, my experience shows if you plan ahead despite of all the limitations, travel on miles often yields sweet returns and exotic itineraries unrivaled by paid tickets.

Is Miles Moneyball right for you?

If you confirm all the following bullet points, you can play MMB game!

  • Excellent credit score

Credit card companies dish out irresistible sign up offers in miles and points from time to time to attract credit-worthy consumers. You have to be eligible for approval of these offers based on your stellar credit score (FICO score of 750-800+).

  • Pay credit card in full every month

If you struggle to make payments or only pay minimum on your credit card bills, MMB is not for you. The interests accrued, sometimes at rates over 20%, will engulf you alive financially and far outweigh any MMB benefits. Focusing on paying your balance in full is perhaps the best advice I can offer.

  • Be organized and goal driven

MMB is a hobby and requires nominal amount of time to stay on top of your game plans such as signing up suitable offers, keeping track of your required spending, paying bills on time, initiating travel planning (sometimes well ahead) et al.

What’s next?

Remain unfazed so far?

Great! Follow my next page to become a MMB Expert!



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